Robedemo on the Road!

If you happen to be in Las Vegas this weekend, I will be presenting my initial wave of research on a model of human-computer interactivity in museum spaces.  Over the course of the next two weeks I’ll present the basics on the blog, but the good folks at the Intellectbase International Consortium will see The Crowdsourcing Century:  Using Participatory Methods in Rethinking Museum Spaces. Of course, since I submitted my research, further study has moved me away from the term crowdsourcing, which almost always implies shadow work that someone else profits off of; Wikipedia is a good example of open access projects, but not crowdsourcing.  So I’m going with the wisdom of the crowds.

My presentation will be at the Riviera Hotel on Saturday, December 17, in the AM.  I am presenting in the same group with a gentleman who researches the financial effect of publicly-financed stadia on local economies.  Sweet!


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