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I am a doctoral student at Pepperdine University, pursuing my Ed.D in Learning Technologies.  Learning is a ubiquitous term that we often pigeonhole for formal settings, such as K-12 or Higher Ed, but theorists like Wenger and Bruner would argue that informal settings provide the greatest opportunities for engagement and knowledge transfer.  I work in formal education as the Director of Technology for a school for students with learning disabilities, but my scholarly interests focus on informal spaces.

This blog is a space for discussion on all topics learning-related, but will predominantly focus on my two Ed.D culmination efforts:  an imagined future of learning in 5-10 years where I utilize theory and create a learning model; and my dissertation.  Both of these projects utilize the museum as a setting for informal learning, and involve the use of technology to create three distinct museum experiences:  the bricks-and-mortar reality, the tablet-based virtual, and an augmented museum where a bricks-and-mortar patron can utilize the virtual as a supplement.

I live in Los Angeles with my wife Rebecca and our son Declan.  While free time is a luxury with a job, doctoral program, and toddler, we still manage to enjoy travel, music, literature, art, sports, and waking up to the new day!

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